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Since the Kickstarter campaign and thanks to all the support we've received from the start of Captain's Log until the ongoing daily support, we have decided to become more involved and further develop our hobby and love for board games. This way, we aim to share our passion for games with all of you.

Juegos creados por apasionados de los Juegos de Mesa para apasionados de los Juegos de Mesa

Present is Future Games

Anastasio Martínez


María Alcaraz


About PIF Games

"Welcome to our world of board games!"

"We are a passionate and creative team that has brought to life various exciting board games. Our mission is to share our love for board games and create unforgettable experiences for players of all ages."

After launching our first project, Captain’s Log, through the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, we have managed to consolidate the publishing house PIF Games (Present is Future Games).

The first thing is to thank all of you who have believed and supported to make this possible, because without all of you this reality would never exist.

We have embarked on a path in which we want to incorporate and help other people to realize their dreams, both by actively participating in events and by getting involved with projects of other people in the same situation as us. For me, unity is strength.

We try to be as active as possible without forgetting or neglecting any project and we always try to be attentive to any doubt, problem or difficulty that may occur.

A very present thought in our way of designing is that board games create entire universes in our imagination, they can evade us and create unforgettable and, above all, educational memories for our children. Board games are culture, relationships and an escape from our busy lives.

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